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About Gifu Media Cosmos

Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos is a multipurpose facility which consists of the Gifu City Chuo Library acting as a "Knowledge Hub," the Community Activity Exchange Center and the Multicultural Plaza as a "Friendship Hub," and exhibition galleries as a "Culture Hub".


Facility Concept: "From roots to branches, may our knowledge grow and blossom as we plant new seeds for the future"

Through efforts to provide a wealth of useful knowledge and opportunities for people to interact with one another through various activities, we aim to lay a foundation for the future of this city that will lead to the creation of community culture and an even better society.

Origin of the name - Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos

This name, based on a name chosen from a list of proposed names sent in by people from across Japan, was conceived
with the following wish in mind:
- The wish for this facility, is to serve as a hub for cultivating knowledge, culture, and ties of friendship. From here,
our desire is to spread various types of information not only throughout Japan, but throughout the cosmos. To this
facility, we have added the name, "Minna no Mori," (Meaning: Everyone's Forest), to exemplify that the residents of our
community along with the forest are the protagonists of this facility.

About the Logo

The winning logo was chosen from a selection of submitted entries with the following thoughts in mind:
- The logo was created symbolically based on the shape of the building and the image of the open and tranquil
- The logo was created to be the symbol of the tranquil, open, and natural environment that is Gifu.
- The gentle, curved lines on top represent the vision of "connections," and are used to evoke the images of pages
being turned in a book and the curved shape of design used within the building.

Facility Overview

Site Area: 14,725.39
Construction Area: 7,530.57㎡
Total Floor Space: 15,444.23
Building Height: 16.09m
Main Use: Chuo Library
Community Activity Exchange Area (Including Multicultural Plaza)
Exhibition Gallery, Hall
Structure: 1st Floor, M2 Floor: Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction
(Steel Construction in some sections)
Second Floor: Steel Construction, wooden girders
No. of Floors: Ground floor, 2nd floor, and 1st basement floor
Design Period: From February 2011
Construction Period: From July 2013
Design: Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects.
Main Frame Construction Work: Toda/Dai Nippon/Ichikawa/Hinaya Joint Venture Special Construction Work
Electric Installation Work: Naito/Yamaichi Joint Venture Special Construction Work
Air-conditioning Construction Work: Asahi/Daiwa Joint Venture Special Construction Work
Sanitary Facilities Construction Work: Yasuda/Nobi Joint Venture Special Construction Work
Photovoltaic Power Generation Construction Work: Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.

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